Welcome C4 Community!

It was an honor to present Is Your Story Making You Sick? at the C4 Conferences in 2019!

✔ Evolution of Addiction Treatment

✔ West Coast Symposium on Addictive Disorders (WCSAD)

✔ Clinical Overview of the Recovery Experience (CORE)

✔ Cape Cod Symposium on Addictive Disorders (CCSAD)

Thank you C4 for working to build a stronger mental health community!

We’re excited to share the full film with the C4 community for a limited time. The film will be available on this page from Friday, September 27th - Wednesday, October 2nd.

Please join us for a Live Webinar Q&A with Writer and Producer Dr. Mark Pirtle on Wednesday, October 2nd at 10am PST, 1pm EST.



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Bring the film to your community!


Is Your Story Making You Sick? has screened at top conferences and mental health organizations across the country—catalyzing important conversations about this innovative and effective approach to healing.

From addiction treatment to trauma-informed communities and beyond, many have found our film to be a powerful tool to share a message of recovery, healing, and hope.

Our screening partners have found an event is an exciting way to:

  • Inspire Your Community with the transformative experience seen in the film.

  • Engage Your Members, Clients, and Staff by sharing these resoundly effective means to heal.

  • Complement Your Programs with this invaluable tool including scientific support from top experts.

  • Strengthen Your Message by hosting live and virtual screenings of the film.

Interested in bringing the film to your community?

You can also email Producer nick@story.movie