Is Your Story Making You Sick?

We’ve launched a national “Host a Screening” campaign to bring the film to communities across the country—catalyzing important conversations about this innovative and effective approach to healing.




Leaders in such fields as addiction, trauma, and mental health are hosting screenings of Is Your Story Making You Sick? for their community. We hope you’ll join us!


Community Screenings

There’s nothing like the power of film to share your message! Invite the filmmakers for a live post-film QA and include experts from your organization on the discussion panel for an impactful town hall community event.


We’ve presented the film at many influential conferences with our CE-qualifying keynote presentations and evening red-carpet screenings. We offer a variety of presentation formats to fit your conference schedule, including 3 minutes, 10 minutes, 25 minutes, 60 minutes and the full 90-minute film.


“An engaging exploration of the role of trauma in personal story.”

– Bill White, Author of Slaying the Dragon


Inspire Your Community

with the transformative experience seen in the film.

Engage Your Patients, Students and Staff

by sharing these resoundly effective means to heal.

Complement Your Programs

with this invaluable tool including scientific support from top experts.

Strengthen Your Message

by hosting a live or virtual screening of the film.


“Sharing the film generated beautiful conversations discussing the value and use of recovery stories, particularly the power of telling one’s story and the importance of having ownership over when and how to share.”

– Khalil Powers, KIVA Center (A Trauma-Informed and Recovery-Based Community)



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Continuing Education Credit

Contact us to learn more about how a screening of the film at your center can qualify to give CE credit to your staff. Our program has been CE certified for numerous events and workshops. 


We don’t want anything to come between the healing power of Story and your community. We’re happy to explore ways other organizations have tapped into their network to get sponsorship from larger organizations and institutions in healthcare.


Contact Producer Nick Kelso

To learn more about sharing Is Your Story Making You Sick? in your community!