Virtual Screening

Film participant Ed hands on heart learned to love


Reach a national network with a virtual screening. Touch an infinite number of participants with your call to action located alongside the film, sharing your message in a way audiences are used to watching media: streaming and on-demand.

“This film awakens and motivates continued healing in all of us.”

-James M. Schelble, Ph.D., Psychologist


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Setting Up Your Virtual Screening

We’ll create a custom, branded web page for your community to stream the film online over a window of time. Following the screening window, we can host a live, online Q&A with the filmmakers, experts from the film, and leaders from your organization.

“Story shows treating the soul is where true healing begins.”

 – Cheryl Sharp, National Trauma Council

Photo by Christina Weiboldt

Photo by Christina Weiboldt



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